Global e-wallet service Sticpay adds Ness LAB’s token as payment method

4 min readNov 21, 2023



Global e-wallet service Sticpay has officially announced that it has forged a strategic partnership with Ness LAB, a project aimed at building a blockchain-based information economy. Under the new partnership, Sticpay will support the deposit and withdrawal of Ness LAB’s tokens, NESS, within its e-wallet service. It will also add NESS as a payment method, posing an opportunity for NESS to access a major payment network and become a widely recognized payment method.


1.1 LOGO

1.2 Overview

  • Sticpay provides a borderless, online e-wallet and a global payment gateway.
  • Sticpay facilitates real-time cross-border remittances and payments and also allows crypto purchases with fiat currencies.

1.3 Key Points

  • Customers can send/receive money via their Sticpay accounts within one minute regardless of where the sender/receiver is.
  • International remittances are processed using the local banks of Sticpay’s partners, shortening the transfer time from 2–3 days to just 1 day.
  • Customers can send/receive money through STICPAY’s local partner banks in different countries, reducing the transfer fees from the typical 5% to around 1 to 2%.
  • Sticpay enables withdrawals at local banks in various countries and locations such as Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Australia, the Phillippines, Thailand, and Africa.
  • A customer can use various deposit methods such as credit/debit cards, local bank transfers, and crypto to transfer funds to a receiver’s Sticpay wallet.
  • Sticpay is the ideal payment solution for merchants with a multinational client base. Sticpay is a partner with many merchant accounts in diverse industries, such as online shops, online games companies, and FX margin trading brokers.
  • Sticpay supports more than 60 currencies, including crypto.
  • Sticpay boasts availability in more than 200 countries. To put into perspective, Web3 payment platform MoonPay is available in more than 160.

1.4 About STICPAY

2. NessLab

2.1 Logo

2.2 Key Points

  • Ness LAB is a key partner of crypto-focused media outlet CoinNess.
  • Ness LAB aims to expedite new connections within the information economy.
  • The NESS token serves as the foundation for Ness LAB’s ecosystem, providing a means of exchange and value transfer within platforms.
  • Its reward system encourages users and stakeholders to participate in contributing to the success of platforms.
  • The integration of governance models ensures participation from and inclusivity of platforms and their communities.

2.3 Case of CoinNess-NESS Collaboration

2.4 About NessLab


3.1 Expected Outcome

  • The partnership aims to tap into the market of Sticpay’s over 1 million users, attracting them to the NESS ecosystem.
  • International users of Sticpay can engage with crypto news platforms CoinNess and CoinNess Global.
  • With Sticpay supporting transfers in 60 currencies, NESS gains inclusion on a major payment network.
  • Participants in the NESS ecosystem can use Sticpay payment solutions to gain easier access to the Web3 economy.
  • Given that over 5,000 corporate clients have adopted Sticpay, NESS has a clear pathway to become a novel payment method.
  • Through this partnership, individuals unfamiliar with crypto wallets or token transfers will have the opportunity to explore the crypto industry by using NESS.

3.2 Partnership Benefits

  • NESS deposits, withdrawals, and payments via Sticpay will waive fees for users.
  • This marks the first launch of a zero-fee event for Sticpay. (Up until now, the lowest fees were set at 1%.)