[Application closed] Ness LAB Korean Crypto Market Accelerator Program

3 min readApr 15, 2024


Join us and secure your business opportunity in South Korea!

Ness LAB Korean Crypto Market Accelerator Program

Ness LAB, an innovative cryptocurrency platform and issuer of the native NESS token designed to build a healthy and thriving crypto ecosystem, has partnered up with South Korea’s leading crypto media and community platform, CoinNess, to help crypto companies worldwide make inroads into the ever-burgeoning Korean crypto and blockchain market.

Ness LAB

Established in 2022, Ness LAB employs a crypto-reward system to create a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem where users freely share crypto investment information and blockchain content thrives. To bridge the information gap in crypto investment so pervasive across the globe, Ness LAB is on its journey of partnering up with global media agencies and content platforms.


Home to numerous South Korean crypto investors, CoinNess daily attracts more than 100,000 users on average, which makes it the largest and most influential crypto media and community platform in the country. CoinNess has positioned itself as a powerful crypto media platform, ranking second in the News App section on the App Store, only behind X (formerly Twitter). Based on its widespread popularity in crypto media, CoinNess has been supporting around 600 global crypto companies and projects in entering the Korean market.

Our goal

South Korea is one of the largest crypto trading markets in the world, leading the global retail crypto market trend. However, the Korean crypto ecosystem mainly centers around giant trading platforms, more or less marginalizing other players in the crypto scene such as media, research institutions and venture capitalists. In addition, the persistent crypto information gap and lack of resources in Korea are hindering the expansion of global crypto companies and high-potential startups in the Korean market.

To address this problem, Ness LAB is embarking on a campaign to gather essential information for international companies, offering effective solutions and strategies for entering South Korea.

Who can apply?

Any crypto and blockchain companies seeking to enter the Korean market.

What are the benefits?

  • Strategies and solutions for venturing into the Korean market that meet individual participants’ needs.
  • Partial financial assistance for Korean market entry, funded by the ‘Ness LAB Korean Crypto Market Accelerator Matching Funds.’
  • Connections to local influencers, marketing channels and PR resources
  • Partnership opportunities with local companies
  • Support for community building in Korea
  • Localization services for content tailored to the Korean market
  • In-person or online events including Ask Me Anything (AMA) events and forums


  • May 1 — May 31: Application period for the Ness LAB Korean Crypto Market Accelerator Program
  • June 1 — June 15: Application review and candidate screening period
  • June 20: Announcement of selected companies

+ Additional Announcement (5/31)

The application period for the Ness LAB Korean Crypto Market Accelerator Program has now ended.

We will be reaching out to the successful applicants individually on June 15th.

Thank you to everyone who participated.
Please stay tuned for further updates.