NESS Token Distribution and Details

3 min readJun 30, 2023



We are thrilled to announce the distribution details and vesting schedule for NESS tokens, the native cryptocurrency to fuel information economy and its realization. As we progress on our journey, we believe it is essential to transparently share our token distribution plan for the benefit of our community and stakeholders. In this article, we will outline the allocation wallet information and the vesting schedule for each category of NESS tokens.

NESS Token Allocation

The NESS token distribution involves several allocation categories, each serving a specific purpose within our ecosystem. Here are the details of the allocated NESS tokens and their respective addresses:

ERC-20 Token Contract:

IDO/IEO: 2,500,000 NESS
Address: 0xF104C23e78b9DBaef06Ed15A03d46F1a67414805

Marketing: 17,500,000 NESS
Address: 0x329B4C59aE3AE543D9cD48B8ED87E60d28E8d3BE

Advisor: 20,000,000 NESS
Address: 0x499f57bfac188362183E3AC75ae850f5713eFB71

Liquidity: 20,000,000 NESS
Address: 0x9d3d16B9d1AE6192b84Be77005c1a001A973CFE4

Partner: 25,000,000 NESS
Address: 0x282b2Afb5e4b03bB160cDd5810aA1AB9e87D9709

Sales: 40,084,125 NESS
Address: 0x4D76B5811C64D38Ec67e7fdc55D1F30B2f0CbCB9

Treasury: 49,915,875 NESS
Address: 0xfC4Df8Dd78E1e7757F66F2CDBB3DBa9512F794a9

Ecosystem: 100,000,000 NESS
Address: 0xF3c239a04137f57BFb83dAf87235b4BE9bd2BC97

Team: 100,000,000 NESS
Address: 0x1c487AF5dF278aFAC76Be861FCb4645E8ebE2855

Community: 125,000,000 NESS
Address: 0x9F2553fB4ed021A08Ae4A96E4738Ed9f90736af5

Note: The address dedicated to Sales & Treasury currently has a balance difference of 84,125 NESS due to adjustments made during the private sales round.

Vesting Schedule

To ensure responsible token distribution and align incentives with long-term growth, certain categories of NESS tokens will be subject to a vesting period. The vesting schedule for each category is as follows:

- IDO/IEO: -
- Marketing: TGE, 1year vesting
- Advisor: 1 year cliff from listing, 3years linear vesting
- Liquidity: TGE, 2 years linear vesting
- Partner: 1 year cliff from listing, 3 years linear vesting
- Sales: 6 months cliff from listing, 2 years linear vesting
- Treasury: 2 years cliff from listing, 5 years linear vesting
- Ecosystem: TGE, 5 years vesting
- Team: 1.5 year cliff from listing, 4 years linear vesting
- Community: 9 months cliff from listing, 5 years linear vesting

Note: It is important to note that the vested amount for each category may not be circulated on the secondary market (CEX/DEX) unless it is being used for a specific purpose dedicated to each category. This measure is implemented to ensure that the allocated NESS tokens are utilized responsibly and in alignment with their intended objectives. We aim to maintain the integrity of the token distribution and support the growth and development of the NESS ecosystem.


At NESS, we prioritize transparency and accountability. We have shared the details of the NESS token distribution and the vesting schedule for each allocation category. This approach ensures a fair and responsible distribution of tokens, while also safeguarding the interests of our community and stakeholders.

We believe that by adhering to this distribution plan, we can foster a thriving ecosystem, promote long-term growth, and maximize value for all NESS token holders. We are excited to embark on this journey together and look forward to the positive impact NESS will bring to the industry.

For more information and updates, please visit our official website and join our community channels.

Website: Ness LAB

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is subject to change and should not be considered as financial advice.