NESS Token Movement and Updates

2 min readMay 14, 2024



In this updated report, our primary objective is to offer our community an in-depth analysis of the latest NESS token transactions. By presenting this information, we reaffirm our dedication to transparency and clarity, fostering a deeper understanding as we navigate the dynamic terrain of the NESS ecosystem. This document aims to provide comprehensive insights into the recent movements of the NESS token, reflecting our ongoing commitment to keeping our community well-informed.

Token Movements

In alignment with our strategic goals, a portion of NESS tokens has been transferred from the wallet addresses previously disclosed in our token distribution article.

This movement serves the purpose of

  1. distribution of accumulated unlocked tokens from the existing wallet address to fulfill each purpose.
  2. As of May, all marketing volumes are unlocked.

Balance Update

As a result of the aforementioned token movement, the balances of the three wallet addresses containing NESS for Marketing, Liquidity, Ecosystem purposes have been altered, while all others remain unchanged.

Liquidity: 9,166,669 NESS
Address: 0x9d3d16B9d1AE6192b84Be77005c1a001A973CFE4

Ecosystem: 78,333,331 NESS
Address: 0xF3c239a04137f57BFb83dAf87235b4BE9bd2BC97

Sales: 35,073,609 NESS
Address: 0x4D76B5811C64D38Ec67e7fdc55D1F30B2f0CbCB9

Note: The movement has been executed in alignment with the vesting schedule, ensuring that NESS does not exceed the circulating amount specified by the vesting schedule.


Transparency is a cornerstone of the NESS project. Through this report, we’ve provided insights into recent token movements, and technological advancements. We remain committed to fostering an environment of trust and collaboration as we continue to innovate and elevate the NESS ecosystem.