NESS Token Movement and Updates

2 min readAug 22, 2023


In this document, we aim to provide our community with a comprehensive overview of recent NESS token movements and technological integrations. This report underscores our commitment to openness and clarity as we navigate the evolving landscape of NESS ecosystem.

Token Movement

In alignment with our strategic goals, a portion of NESS tokens has been transferred from the wallet addresses previously disclosed in our token distribution article.

This movement serves the purpose of

  1. bolstering liquidity in preparation for upcoming listings on diverse exchanges.
  2. dedication to community empowerment such as marketing campaigns and airdrop initiatives, as outlined in our earlier articles.

NESS Token’s First Utility Feature Goes Live Through CoinNess
Ness LAB Zealy Community is now officially OPEN!

Balance Update

As a result of the aforementioned token movement, the balances of the two wallet addresses containing NESS for Marketing and Liquidity purposes have been altered, while all others remain unchanged.

Marketing: 17,100,000 NESS (-400,000)
Address: 0x329B4C59aE3AE543D9cD48B8ED87E60d28E8d3BE

Liquidity: 16,666,668 NESS (-3,333,332)
Address: 0x9d3d16B9d1AE6192b84Be77005c1a001A973CFE4

Note: The movement has been executed in alignment with the vesting schedule, ensuring that NESS does not exceed the circulating amount specified by the vesting schedule.

Leveraging Polygon Bridging for Efficiency

Recognizing the need for operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, NESS has adopted Polygon bridging. This integration is intended to streamline token airdrop distribution, reduce transaction fees, and provide a smoother experience for our token holders. Polygon’s technology allows NESS to seamlessly interact with the broader blockchain ecosystem, enabling greater flexibility and utility.

NESS Token Contract on Polygon Network: 0x6eaEA1ED457E06F8CF6eE7Adf34e621844c3b0Fc


Transparency is a cornerstone of the NESS project. Through this report, we’ve provided insights into recent token movements, and technological advancements. We remain committed to fostering an environment of trust and collaboration as we continue to innovate and elevate the NESS ecosystem.

For more information and updates, please visit our official website and join our community channels.

Website: Ness LAB

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is subject to change and should not be considered as financial advice.