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We are thrilled to announce a new initiative that will revolutionize the information ecosystem. In July 2023, NessLAB and NessLAB’s partner CoinNess, a prominent crypto news and information platform, collaborated to create PEARL, an innovative point system pegged to the Korean fiat currency KRW. By September of the same year, we integrated PEARL with NESS Token, laying the cornerstone for the formation of the information economy.

Since its inception, NessLAB and CoinNess have utilized PEARL to encourage active contributions from users to shape the ecosystem and expedite community growth. This initiative has fostered powerful synergies through significantly deepening the connection between users and various Web3 platforms and advertisement clients.

Until now, this feature has been available exclusively to CoinNess users within South Korea. However, this feature will now expand globally through NessLAB’s global service. We plan to invite users worldwide to join NessLAB and CoinNess’s thriving information ecosystem and reap its benefits.


CoinNess Global’s PEARL service marks the first step towards expanding NESS’s information ecosystem worldwide. We aim to introduce this well-established ecosystem to global audiences and empower them with its extensive benefits. The contribution of global users will undoubtedly enrich and expand the NESS ecosystem. We assure you that this initiative will not only enhance our ecosystem but also propel the comprehensive development of the cryptocurrency industry’s information economy.

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